Patricia has been dabbling with some new ideas in the realm of landscape painting.  New for her, that is, as wildlife has been her subject of choice for the past two years.  A life-long love of Architecture and interest in design and geometric shapes has recently lead to some experimentation with angles, planes and color, as can be seen in one of her recent new watercolor paintings titled “Vantage Point.”

“Bright Horizons,” another new watercolor by Baldwin, is also on displaype2pe3pe1sm at the Independent Artists Gallery.  Though not as geometric as the stark fields and sky depicted in “Vantage Point,” it is clearly inspired by nature’s lines and vast open spaces.  A seascape, it’s a dream-like snippet of a place we’d all like to visit, if not inhabit.

Stop by the gallery to view these and other works by Baldwin, including several new mixed media art-transfer-on-ceramic-tile pieces.  Pictured here is “Each New Day is a Miracle.”  Charming, rustic and, oh so “Santa Fe,” this small mixed media piece is an example of yet another avenue the artist plans to explore in the coming months.


Russell Baldwin’s newest pastels reflect his discovery of a horizontal format that suits his style and compositions very well.  Many of these expressive landscapes measure 9″ by 27″ or more widthwise, and feature dramatic skies and mountain horizions.  All are uniformly presented with a two and one half inch off-white mat and narrow black wood frame.  Russell has produced almost twenty new pieces in this format, and will continute painting more.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC


Jay’s emphasis has been creating fine-art images, mostly of flowers that he finds in his yard as well as in the adjacent neighborhood.  Jay’s photos range from extreme close-ups to overall views of the flower.  He generates abstracts from some of the images and presents others in a minimalist way showing only a portion of the flower in a gradient background that can be black to white, black to gold, gold to dark brown, etc.  In some cases, especially with blue flowers, he blends a small amount of another color in with the black (i.e., red) and grade that to white.  He has also found that striking images can sometimes be made usinewjay3newjay1newjay1stng a single petal or sepal.


Turquoise doors remind Mohini of New Mexico.  Doors are intriguing to her.  A closed door makes her wonder about the treasures that could be behind that door — maybe happy families enjoying each other’s company.   The pale blue colored or trimmed doors is a New Mexico tradition, brought by the Spanish, originating in the Middle East, India or further abroad.  It’s meant to keep the home free of evil spirits as a protection device or talisman.  If nothing elsscan0002scan0001scan0003e, the milky hues provide the eye with a cooling respite from the earthen adobe walls.


A new photograph by Jim Tape.  This is Goldie.  She is a Panoramic Print, 25x 8.5 inches, on fine art paper using pigment inks.  She’s lovely.goldie


A great abstract by Ruth and a departure from her usual style of landscapes.  Ruth’s landscapes are wonderful, especially her use of yellow.scan0001


Ginny has been to Bandelier many times, but never saw this petroglyph of a sun way up high until recently.  Don’t know how the artist got there — maybe from the top?  Ginny took a photograph so that she could try to capture the feeling of the rocks against the sky with the single petroglyph.bandelier


The Independent Artists Gallery Co-op is open for business as usual.  We have said a fond farewell to Fourth World Cottage Industries who closed their West San Francisco store in early January.  The co-op gallery is the place to go for your Valentine cards and gifts.  We have wonderful photographs, paintings and jewelry to please your loved one.  Stop by and visit us on your next trip to the downtown area.scan0003


The Independent Artists Gallery is celebrating December with a wide selection of Affordable Art.   The Gallery is the perfect place to complete your Christmas shopping — either for gifts or for that fabulous piece of art for your home.  It’s worth the walk upstairs (only 27 steps — a great cardio workout) to see the wonderful art (and great prices).  Visit The Independent Artists Gallery on your trip to the plaza — you will be surprised at the great selection and affordable prices.  galleryposted


small8010After her retirement as a surgical nurse in Santa Fe, Ellen Ward began a career as an artist, showing her work in both outdoor shows of the Santa Fe Society of Artists and various galleries in town.  Ellen passed away in 1998.  Her work is exclusively009 exhibited at the Independent Artists Gallery.


In his latest work, Baldwin has explored new horizons, colors and techniques, resulting in an exciting display of expressive landscapes, some bordering on abstraction.lone pinenorth of gallop